Twenty-three years old,
designing for over 5 years.
Based in northen Alps.

I’m a self-taught designer who has a strong passion for designing functional & beautiful digital products for the best human experience.

I started learning and dedicating myself to the design industry about 7 years ago while I was in high school. For a few years, I was freelancing from my hometown for various clients and working on some interesting projects. After finishing high school I moved to Zagreb where I got the opportunity to work for one of the best Digital Agencies in the region — Degordian. As a junior designer, I was learning a lot about all aspects of design (thanks to great people over there) but also worked on some projects for International companies like Lufthansa, Heineken, Dell, Hempel etc.

Following period I decided to go back to full-time freelancing. In addition to designing products and websites, I was also part of Toptal team working as Design screener. Two years later, I moved to Vienna and started working as Senior UX Designer for one of the world’s largest online gambling company Bwin (GVC). I was mostly focused on improving user-experience across multiple platforms for different products and labels.

After some period at the huge company, I decided to jump into startup-world and moved to Dubai as a Lead Designer at one of the fastest-growing startups called Eat. For a few years, I was working remotely helping them design business and consumer-oriented products and as they started growing a lot it was perfect timing to start full-time.

Lastly, I ended up in Austria again, taking the new challenge as a Digital Designer at Agentur LOOP in Salzburg. My journey has been full of challenges and difficulties to solve, but that’s the reason why I picked Design. When I’m not in the office I’m charging my batteries enjoying nature landscapes. Apart from nature, I enjoy architecture, automobiles and minimal music!

Ismet is a great designer to work with. Without too much on-boarding he managed to work on a very complex product in no time. He is familiar with all state of the art tools and techniques but also on a personal level, he was a great enrichment to the team.

Stefan Radon
Vienna Lead Designer @ Bwin
enjoyed pushing pixels for

Lufthansa / Bwin / Mediatoolkit / Toptal / SportingbetADAC
Tupperware / GVC / Heineken

and many more..



Concept /
Art Direction


I start the design process with several questions. With your responses, I’m able to discover more about your company’s expertise or understanding your business idea. I like to keep stuff organised, documented and with clear goal what we are building.

The second stage is usually about the concept and setting the right direction for the project. Depending on project type this stage usually includes creating wireframes, moodboards, flow maps, basic prototypes and guidelines.

The main focus in my design process is to ensure the best experience for the user in each situation of their digital journey. I like to design with storytelling in mind to make a unique approach and create engaging and effective experiences.

I started my career as a web designer. Although I'm no longer a developer, my coding knowledge gives me the ability to understand what is possible to do. For years I’ve been collaborating with various developers on different platforms, so I can easily prepare designs for them to execute.

special thanks

During my career journey, I met and worked with a lot of friendly & inspirational people. They had a huge impact on me and thus helped me grow as a designer or just being a great friend. At least I would like to mention them here and say thank you.

Davey H / Hrvoje G / Mario S  /  Marko J / Haris M / Encide Family
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