2015 - 2016


PRODUCT DESIGN — WEB — ios  — ANdroid

Mediatoolkit is the fastest way to find out when something important about your business is mentioned online. It is a media monitoring & analytics tool that gathers information from millions of internet sources and notifies you in real-time when someone mentions your brand, company, or competitors.

Designing a new branding and identity

While at Degordian, I worked a lot on inhouse product Mediatoolkit. One of my first tasks was designing and refreshing the branding of Mediatoolkit and get it ready for global expansion.

Designing new features
for the new version

When I was assigned to work on Mediatoolkit, it was in the second version. I was working with our lead designer on the new visual language, but also bringing new functionalities and features for the customers. I was working closely with Product managers and developers as well to ensure the quality of the final product.

Minimalistic & data-focused product design

Designing a modern digital product is a long and difficult process. We mostly made our decisions out of user-researches, as in the process it's necessary to know what user really need. Only through research we could design and build a product, that won't be just a nice picture on the screen, but a real solution to certain problems
of our customers.

Product with atomic-design approach

When Brad introduced this methodology about 5 years ago, it was a handful to use for designing a product like a Mediatoolkit. SaaS products are always challenging especially when it comes with a lot of data to handle properly. Taking care of the smallest atoms in the system and designing them properly was beneficial to accelerate the design process and getting product features looking & performing great.

Going mobile — Mobile
applications design

Period of 2015 was all about mobile apps, responsive designs. Designing Mediatoolkit for mobile was a great opportunity for me to think mobile and scale huge product from the web and taking the most important information for the user in a pocket.

Monitoring feed was inspired with social media style so it’s easy to consume mentions of customer’s brand.

Our target audience was equally using both mobile platforms, so we thought it would be best to build an app for both Android and iOS simultaneously. These platforms have different patterns and habits their customers are used to, so we had to make sure that overall user-experience is the same even with a bit different navigations
and interactions.

‘Zeed’ A live feed feature

One of the exceptional things I designed for Mediatoolkit was a product called ‘Zeed’ ). It collects social media buzz about your event so that everyone can see and join the conversation. It’s a great tool for boosting social media engagement during conferences or similar events. It’s developed as a responsive web application so it’s easily accessed from any device anywhere.


Thank you for taking the time to read (or just 👁scanning project above). Mediatoolkit is a startup company and a lot of things are changing almost weekly, so the current live version might look different than shown above. For sure, there are some confidential details that I’m not able to share online.

If you are curious to hear more about my process designing digital products of (almost) any kind or view more of my design work, please feel free to contact me.

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