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My story with Eat starts back in 2014 with a basic design-inquiry for a few iPad screens. Today, Eat is one of Middle East’s fastest-growing startups with over 20 employees.

During my period working with Eat I’ve been leading design and for a wide range of exciting and challenging products that we developed. As I was part of the Eat since my early career, there was a lot of ups and downs, but also learning and reaching huge goals!

Started with a few local Bahrain restaurants, today available worldwide and used by 2000+ restaurants.

Basic iPad application with a focus on the human experience

The main goal of the first iPad application we shipped was to create a simple application that restaurant managers will love. There were only a few software that kind available, but most of them were overcrowded and without user-friendly interface and experience. As managers were using even pen and paper sometimes we wanted to bring them a digital solution that will make their lives and daily-work much easier, but also grow their businesses.

Bringing more features to the platform

Initial app was simple to use, but as technology grows quite fast we had to keep up to date with features for our customers. Challenge was to keep our primary idea of ‘simple management app’ even with adding some complex features like POS integration.

Every feature request has gone through the process of research, ideation, concept, prototyping, and various testings like usability, performance and functionality.

From MENA region,
going world-wide

One of the biggest things that was built during my period was the web version of the restaurant management system. Our sales team was getting a lot of requests from potential customers, that wouldn’t like to rely just on iPad application, but rather having the management system available on any device with internet connectivity.

Same user experience, new responsive platform

Probably one of the biggest design challenge during my period at Eat was to bring our standalone iPad application to responsive web application. At first, we had managers having iPad most of the time with them, and handling everything with the fingers.

Now, we needed to build a web app that would be accessible on a big monitor in the entrance, but also on a smartphone that servers would use all around the restaurant. They needed easy access to the reservation statuses, guests and their preferences, but also connecting everything with online reservations and POS systems/payments at the end.

A design system that keeps everything consistent

Before going into the design phase of the new Web Application I thought it’s the best time to create Eat Design system that would help keep the same visual language for users on both platforms. As Design system is a living organism for itself, I started with basics that we already have for the iPad application and let it grow to the bigger one.

I had to be specifically careful about some parts of the app as UX and user-behaviour is sometimes very different on a touch device like iPad and web application available on desktops but also accessible through mobile/tablet devices.

Challenges and
problem solving

One of the main challenges I faced was delivering the same user experience on the web as we had on the iPad app. To overcome this challenge I had to create a similar design and adapt it to the web UX since the user behavior on the web is completely different.

Another important aspect was to make the  product as responsive as possible on these platforms to adapt to any device from the smaller mobile screen to the large displays.


Thank you for taking the time to read (or just 👁scanning project above). Eat is a startup company and a lot of things are changing almost weekly. A lot of things is also in development so it might not look the same on the current build. For sure, there are some confidential details that I’m not able to share online.

If you are curious to hear more about my process designing digital products of (almost) any kind or view more of my design work, please feel free to contact me.

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