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Eat Consumer

Role: Lead Designer
Year: 2014 - Current
Platforms: iOS/Android/Responsive Web


Eat is one of the Middle East's fastest growing startups, offering two products: Eat for Business (B2B) and Eat for Consumers (B2C).  I created two different case studies for each of these products as they are completely different projects with a different target audience and business approach. The consumer apps allow users to discover & book restaurants from multiple platforms:

•  iPhone
•  Android
•  Web

In this case study I will present more details about the process of redesigning our current iPhone application, as it is one of our most used platform on B2C.

Why A redesign?

Our iPhone app has been on the market for several years. Starting with the Bahrain market, the app has now expanded to 12 markets across the MENA region. For a long time, Eat’s sales team was brining more and more restaurants to the platform, but as the design remained unchanged, it became more difficult for our users to find somewhere to dine. Along the way, we added a "Discover" section that featured custom curated collections of restaurants, but it wasn't performing as well as anticipated so we decide to make the move.


Redesigning an app  is always a challenge. We figured out that we actually have a lot of content built into the app that we weren't utilizing fully for our users. So the main challenge was to deliver a much better experience to discover, search, and book restaurants. The app had to be easier to navigate as well, as many users were struggling. After we created a design system, we wanted to apply it to this platform and stay consistent with the design language of our products.


Head of Product design.
The main goal was to deliver a pleasantly new experience and my role was to make sure that happened. So I performed competition research, defined user pain points, investigated technical requirements, prototyped new app and finalized the design.‍

information arhitecture

In the process of redesigning, making a new information architecture was our main focus. We wanted to create better organization & structure of the information, label content to represent information in a more effective way, improve navigation (how user browses or move through), and search (how user looks for information).


After doing user research I created several personas to make sure our design decisions are focused on users, and solving the pain points.

Fictional characters (avatars from uifaces.co)


The next stage in the process was wireframing the first concepts. We did this in the early stage to establish the basic structure of a page before visual design and content is added. This helped our development team to get image what we want to structure and build for the application.

As mentioned above, one of the main issues was navigation, as we had a lot of users struggling to navigate through the app. After we created a design system, we wanted to apply it to this platform and stay consistent with design language of our products.

Final design

The landing page of the app is completely changed. We combined a few parts of the app to this screen, so there are no more endless boring list of restaurants that have to be filtered.

My goal was to adjust content to user needs, and present it on the landing page. App navigation evolved to bottom nav bar instead of in a hidden hamburger. Selecting a location is now faster with the new dropdown.

Going with the 'card design' style helped us to present all necessary information to the users. Card layouts can vary to support the different types of content. They can also transform to reveal additional content like a restaurant profile page. This was especially helpful because of Material Design, so adopting the design to the Android platform instantly became less stressful.

One of the most important part of the app is search & location change,  both of which are now one big component. Location is moved out from the navigation bar, and now allows Location detecting to give more accurate results for the user.

While Location change is now a dropdown, search is a bit more complex. In this first draft we included Recent search for recurring users, but in the plan we are also auto-suggesting restaurants based on user preferences.

Restaurant profile

The restaurant profile is probably the most important screen in our app. It presents all the necessary information about the restaurant to the potential user who is going to book. Over the years, Eat has partnered with more hospitality apps and restaurants, so there was a need to present more information about restaurants like Tripadvisor reviews, deals, or most recently 'Experiences', which are events hosted by the restaurants.

We had a lot of information that was not properly labeled to the end user. A good example of this was a list of timings for the restaurant, where we had list of weekly open times, but that was not really helpful to the user as 90% of the time, they needed opening time for the following day.

account & bookings

As with any other discover & booking app you can see your previous and upcoming bookings on Eat. Bookings can be instantly confirmed, but there is also a pending status when you need to wait for a decision from the restaurant on availabilities. On the booking page you can find them alongside past bookings where you can make booking again or leave a review on your experience at the restaurant.

The account page is built from scratch in this redesign. It does contain a profile option but also settings like notifications or eat referral program.


If you've made it this far, I thank you. I just wanted to note that this is still an ongoing project and it's in the development phase, so the current App Store version will most likely look a bit different. There are also some details that are confident and not mentioned in this project, but also some areas that I haven't covered in this case like the Booking experience itself, as it's complex and I think it deserves a separate story.

If you have any questions about this project or if you are just curious about my process please feel free to contact me below.

Thank you for reading.

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